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Community Marketing is the modern Leverage of success

Transfer current buying option and generate incomes! Thanks to your enthusiastic word of mouth, new consumers will want to adhere to the philosophy of the Walkyfit Community and Transferbuying! Transfer Buying!

Create YOUR community, and STARBIT rewards your efforts allowing you to earn on all the consumption generated by a network of consumers. 

A better life without business risk with a "compliance" activity

If you've ever wondered how would look to be successful in social marketing or to earn more money than you ever imagined and live an exciting life full of satisfaction at any age - look no further.

Starbit offers its Promoters a guarantee of legality and respect for the rules to build over time an activity full of successes and gratifications.

Research, dynamism, motivation, genius and a pinch of madness, are the winning recipe chosen by Starbit to deliver a turnkey business without the risk of business in modern society.

Earn money without changing habits

Keep doing what you do every day... earning! 

Do you use your smartphone and computer every day?

Do you buy on line?

Starbit has everything you need to build a thriving business and make it a massive success for you too, by sharing unique products in the world and consuming leading branded products.

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The ethical compensation plan that rewards 10 times

Starbit International's compensation plan is an opportunity that transforms your life forever, with a regular income that allows you to earn residual income with ten profit centers to receive your rewards.

Thanks to the reduction of the disproportion in the profits of the "binary" plans, typical for many companies, with the introduction of the double Ethical Binary Bonus, the gap of the promoters working and earning with 2 Teams is filled.

Earnings every ten days, Production Awards, Incentives, Gratifications, a plan that revolves on the consumption of customers, studied in detail to satisfy the most demanding promoters. 

Exclusive in the world

You will dispose of products and technologies in absolute exclusive. Starbit is at the top of the industry's most successful enterprise in the history of all time, with over 25 years of experience, an impressive Team of the best researchers the industry has to offer, an incredibly generous compensation plan that pays for your commitment and constant support from high profile international Leaders and Coaches.

Con il Limitless Store riescono tutti

Con la creazione dello Store più grande del mondo che possa utilizzare i buoni acquisto accumulati con Walkybit, Starbit ha messo a punto un Sistema “che chiude il cerchio. Così tutto è più semplice! Migliaia di persone nel mondo stanno ottenendo risultati generando guadagni seguendo un sistema duplicabile. 

Network Marketing sisel italia

Become a Protagonist, start now!

Starbit is offering a clear work system and outlined in every detail to bring you the results you deserve. You can take back your life, as you always wanted! Starbit is a truly unrepeatable opportunity, the one that happens once in a lifetime!

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