WalkyFit & Walkybit data access: the advanced app to create value and add Knowledge.

Starbit Walkybit & Walkyfit
About This Project

The best game in a concentrate of technology and well-being


Demand for innovative services and projects continues to exceed even the most optimistic forecasts and Starbit is already a leader in the sector.


WalkyFit includes extraordinarily unique games, within a high-quality technology App that offers excellent entertainment and performance.


The App is downloadable from both the Google Store and the Apple Store.


WalkyFit, certifies the daily movements, assigns discounts, provides valuable information, and allocates token as an educational goal made available to the partners, in the face of a virtuous behavior held by the user such as, moving freely, reduce the consumption of energy, co2 and promote daily well-being.

WalkyFit, in addition to complex algorithms that will make the daily movement always pleasant, combines the emotion of the game "Raining surprises", created by the Starbit Laboratories.


If the weather is heavy rain, then get ready to become the New "Surprise Hunters"!


And now thanks to Walkystore, where you can buy thousands of products of big brands using the discounts generated with the App, the opportunity is unprecedented!

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