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In STARBIT lavoriamo per effettuare emozionanti scoperte della tecnologia moderna, e portare sul mercato prodotti spettacolari e diversi che migliorano la qualità della vita.

Siamo riusciti a portare una innovazione dal futuro. Scopri la sensazione da supereroe creata indossando le prime superfibre umane.

Limitless superyarn is an innovative nylon 6.6 fiber that absorbs the heat energy generated by the body during exercise and physical activity, and emits it as far infrared rays (FIR) back into the wearer’s muscles. It is ideal for use in any sports apparel, from garments for casual physical activities and outdoor pursuits, to performance sportswear. 1 Based on an independent scientific study coordinated by Prof. Maurizia Botti, Politecnico Di Milano, Italy using NILIT INNERGY nylon 6.6 fiber knitted into Maglificio Ripa’s fabrics 2 Independent lab - SGS Textile laboratory - Antimicrobial test with proven anti-odor efficiency - test report no. TX80106/2012/HH 3 Independent lab - Testex, AG (Switzerland) THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND THE FIBER Proven efficiency – offers benefits during physical activities, including increased oxygen levels in the blood; reduced lactic acid build-up in the muscles; and relief from muscle fatigue,discomfort, and tension Durable and long-lasting – Repeated washing will not decrease the effectiveness of the technology. Proven anti-odor properties Proven UV protection

Our product IS THE REVOLUTIONARY YARN THAT DELIVERS EXTRA COSMETICBENEFITS, FOR A SLIMMER BODY AND SMOOTHER, TIGHTER SKIN. This innovative nylon 6.6 fiber uses far infrared rays (FIR) to gently warm the deeper layers of the skin – invigorating and trimming the body by reducing imperfections caused by cellulite and fatty tissue (adiposites).1 It is ideal for use in shapers, hosiery and lingerie. The gentle heat emitted by the fibers helps to sculpt body and reduce the appearance of “orange peel” skin. Wearing leggings made with our fibers has been shown to reduce fat mass, tighten skin, and visibly reduce buttocks and thigh circumference1. Limitless fibers can also be used in sportswear, as it invigorates and energizes the athlete during sport activities, and in specialty applications such as medical socks & gloves. FIR-generating fiber – A nylon 6.6 fiber, with a built-in, naturally occurring mineral additive that creates FIR emissions.

Supera i tuoi limiti ! Vai più veloce e più lontano! Il calore emesso dalle fibre ha dimostrato di favorire l’ossigenazione del sangue , di ridurre di formazione di acido lattico , rinvigorire e dare sollievo dall’affaticamento muscolare durante l’attività fisica. Cosa stai aspettando? Indossa subito i tuoi Limitless Legs e la tua Limitless Shirt !

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