Starbit International
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Walkystore is constantly updated with valuable products, offered at the best prices available on the market.

Walkystore is the testimony of the first online Store that helps consumers to buy products, using crypto assets received in exchange for virtuous behavior. The first real step is a "universal income" available to everyone who is socially responsible.


By contributing to building a better world for future generations, several companies donate crypto assets that can also be used as a discount, for the purchase of branded products/services and in numerous product sectors.

Starbit International, a wonderful story of the new Futurists

Get ready to discover the most innovative concept of the decade. A real revolution. Universal income finally applied. Anyone can benefit, receiving discounts on the purchase of products and services, because moving, reduces pollution and promotes well-being. Walkystore offers you this great chance, as well as giving you the chance to create your new job opportunity.

Guarda i nostri prodotti e inizia la tua attività di successo a casa con starbit oggi!

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