It's easy. It's simple. It's walking.

Can you truly imagine a blissful life where you could open your eyes on a bright summer’s day and know that you could get paid without a 9-5? How about imagining living a remarkably healthy lifestyle while generating an equally healthy income in the process? Well, let us tell you, these honestly don’t have to be imaginations; they can be a reality with our revolutionary services.

Anyone in the world walk everyday. This is Starbit's market and your greatest opportunity!".

Lucrative Opportunity for everyone

Because you are joining a venture that replaces the energy consumption needed to create cryptocurrencies, with physical activity.

You Contribute to saving energy by supporting the environment with a daily habit.

All medical studies agree that physical activity is the basis for the prevention of any disease.

Starbit combines these two concepts, allowing anyone to receive benefits, according to the steps and physical daily activity.

A Bold Move!

The more people that use our services the higher your incomes can be.

Although our technology provides unique ideas to take advantages of the blockchain technology, our most beneficial is most certainly our Walkybit application for Smartphones. Having more than 12 years of experience in financial management, administration, sales and technological innovation, we are dedicated to providing the best opportunity.

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Unique Rewards For You!

This innovative Blockchain method to generate an incredible amount of profits every day allows people to walk and earn…; the more miles you walk, the more energy you save, the more rewards in cryptocurrencies you get. This is a great form of network marketing and allows people from various areas and cultures to connect through one shared goal. Whilst you walk, you are not only generating an income, you are contributing to the longevity of our planet and protecting the environment.

Plus, it will provide you with a plethora of health benefits and reduce the stress on our vulnerable ecosystem.


On top of all the great features, benefits and technologies that we offer, we also possess a tremendous team of ultimate professionals. Our Blockchain services have been concocted by the leading experts in the fields of Blockchain, mobile applications, trading and network marketing. Founded in 2017, we have spread our intelligent ideas and Blockchain services to 27 countries from several different continents. So, if you want to be a part of a growing and prosperous community alongside earning a terrific income for doing great things, then join NOW!

STARBIT welcomes you on board. Join our growing community and live happier, healtier and wealthy.


Don’t hear from us only

What people say about us

“The business is fantastic. We all can generate residual income with an opportunity that makes every customer happy! Just walking and producing rewards and money? It has Never happened in the history of both network marketing and blockchain. I am so happy and with my partners we are going to impact the lives of millions of people starting from India to the world! ”



“Learn and become experts in growing industries is so important to me! I am building my future working from home and helping the planet to be more "green and safe". I want to thank Starbit for the opportunity we have to make our planet a better place to live.”



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“Starbit will change the way of looking at crypto currencies for years to come. We will bring technology to everyone in the world. Can you imagine how many lives we can impact with WalkyBit App? Just walk and mine coins! ”



“Starbit International has launched a new revolutionary Blockchain project, which allows ordinary people to access knowledge in the world of Blockchain and crypto currencies. Nothing is easier than using an app to earn free coins with an healthy style! Starbit international uses a network marketing compensation plan that rewards its distributors promoting blockchain information packs and new digital services with 10 different ways of earnings and one unique binary balanced system that thanks a special algorithm, rewards promoters on the double sales volumes generated by the weaker team and adds great benefits to all active promoters.



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“I made a dream: I saw millions of people walking with a smile on their face! Thanks to Starbit App WalkyBit today I know it is true! I will lead those millions to a better future for generations to come.”